Friday, February 11, 2011

Flaming HOT Display Cabinet

I was busy last week rearranging my display cabinet. It was very hard to decide which line in my collection would deserve a slot inside my glass display case due to the limited space. The glass case has 4 slots and my Batcave used up 2 slots on top.

I finally chose my multi branded & scaled cars that were painted in Black with Flames. I used to collect this line religiously but when the Tomica bug hit me, it became a part of my side collection.

I still get a few pieces every now and then, so this line is still growing slowly.

Here are photos during the set-up:

trying out the right shelf height...

ooops, I need more space!

The final outcome:

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Cool! like the VW flamed models!

  2. You definitely need to check out the new Black With Flames diecast blog we just started!