Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Relocating the Batcave - Part II

Marilyn's collection of Starbucks City Mugs are growing fast and she recently invaded my Batcave (Batman Collection Display Cabinet). They didn't only invade it, they took over the Batcave!?! =(

So it was finally time to make them their own display cabinet. We decided to make our own personal Starbucks! Well that's another story...

Going back to my Batcave, it was relocated to the second floor. I spent almost 2 days rearranging the pieces until I finalized the layout. It was truly a back-breaking experience.

Here are some photos during the relocation:
Robin: Holy !@#$% Batman, Marilyn's mugs have taken over the Batcave!
Batman: Don't worry Robin, the Batcomputer gave us the coordinates to a secret relocation site...we're movin' on up!

Batman: To the Batcave!!!

after almost 2 days of relocating...

This was the 2nd time I relocated the Batcave, hoping to relocate it again in a larger space.

Thanks for viewing! =)

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