Monday, February 14, 2011

Toyota AE86 Levin/Trueno

While cleaning and rearranging my toyroom last week, I came across 4 AE86 models in one of my loose car cases. I forgot to put them back inside their boxes, they were included in my past exhibit at Robinson's Place Manila maybe last year or 2 years ago.

So before putting them back inside their boxes, I decided to shoot them.

Here are photos of the AE86 by Tomica Limited:
AE86 Levin

AE86 Trueno

Tomica Limited AE86 Levin/Trueno - 4 Models Gift Set - release date August 2001

Thanks for viewing!


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  2. Thanks for dropping-by. It's really up to you which used car model will fit your lifestyle. It will depend on your needs. Choose between an everyday car or a Sunday car.

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