Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Who you gonna call?

It's one my favorite movies back in the 80's. So when I started to collect die-cast cars, the Ecto 1 was a must have for me. Fortunately, this model was released by ERTL in 1:21 scale at around 2004-05.

It's my all time favorite piece in my die-cast Movie/TV Themed Collection because of it's accurate and detailed features.

Here are photos of my Ghostbusters Ecto 1 collection. I'm hoping to bag the HotWheels SDCC exclusive soon.

ERTL 1/21

Johnny Lightning 1/64
Tenth Anniversary Release

Johnny Lightning 1/64

Attack of Mr Stay Puft Diorama

Assorted Loose 1/64
HotWheels, Johnny Lightning & Columbia Pictures Release (no brand at the base, anybody knows the brand?)

Thanks for viewing & see you at the movies! =)


  1. Just a guess: Those wheels looks very Yatming to me. The Mr. Stay Puft Diorama is absolutelly stunnig!

  2. Great theme collect Jovet! Cool choices :-)

  3. superb details on that 1:18 scale!! great ghostbusters collection! congrats Jovet!

  4. Thanks for dropping by guys!

    Sam, I just found out from a friend that the beat up Ecto 1 was a Fuji Film promo item. I still don't know the brand but here's a link to an item at eBay.

  5. Hi Jovet,

    Wow!!!Really nice collection.

    It bring back memory of my childhood.

    Thank you,

  6. nice Ecto collections!
    love that ERTL details!

  7. Thanks! This movie car brings back good memories from the 80s! =)

  8. Nice collection!
    My blog (Firehouse papercraft in 1/64 scale):