Monday, August 30, 2010

Feeling lucky today?

I visited a local hobby shop last week and was surprised to find an opened Tomica Mini Cooper Selection Lottery Set. As far as I know from our local distributor, this Lottery set was sold out.
I remember getting the whole box set a few years ago since I prefer to have the complete set of the Mini Coopers. In fact, I got 2 sets but passed-on the extra set to a

There were only around 7-8pcs left in the shop and all individual boxes were still sealed. I wanted to have extras of the Red with #177 Tampo & Green with British Flag on Roof so I decided to check my luck.

Tomica Mini Cooper Selection

Lottery Set
Actual item I bought still sealed in original plastic...

Let's cut the plastic...

Take a peek inside...

Was I lucky that day?

I wasn't! Nevertheless, I still got the Gold with Australian Flag on roof and not the plain Gold. I was still lucky!

More photos...

Nothing beats the feeling of suspense that I got, might go back to the hobby shop again this week and try my luck. =)


  1. i was with toots last saturday and we were crazy opening those lottery boxes. toots got broken heart because he wanted to have that one you just have...the australian flag. but he texted me last night and now he got two of those. hehehehe! persistence! ;) :D

    btw, thanks for the nice deal we have when i got mine. ;)

  2. Hi Jovet,

    I just want to find out the background shop lot set is from what brand because it looks interesting.
    Anyway it nice.....


  3. Thanks Brian!

    Tiny, hindi talaga titigilan ni Toots yun! =)

    Hi Kin. The diorama set is the Tomica Town Autobacs set. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. nice mini ! congrats on getting that gold mini with australia flag on it.