Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jovet's Garage in Singapore!

Had the chance to join my family for weekend at SG last April 16-18, 2010. It was a very short vacation but it was all worth it, I want to go back again! F1 experience on September? =)

Here are some photos of our trip:
Our plane to SG - Philippine Airlines

Transport from Changi Airport to our hotel.
Our hotel along Orchard Road and right across is a Toys 'R Us and Takashimaya.
Meritus Mandarin Hotel 5th floor lobby.
Lunch at Takashimaya food court.
Resorts World casino at Sentosa! =)
Universal Studios at Sentosa.
Met up with friends at a bar in Sentosa and had a pint of Hoegaarden! burp! =)
City Tour
Sunday Swap Meet at China Square Central

After going around the swap meet, I felt disappointed since most of the toys for sale were action figures, robots and statues...no diecast cars or Tomicas in sight. But after going up the 2nd floor, I finally spotted a table full of diecast cars! and it doesn't end there...the seller looks very familiar? hmmmm....it's Jedison of Tomica Fan Club!!!

He was very surprised after I introduced myself...he wasn't expecting me in SG. Haha! Then another surprise came, the other fellow looking at Jedison's item was Melvin of PJ Toy Car blog! Woohooo! An impromptu get together of diecast collectors and bloggers! =)

It's an honor to meet fellow international diecast car collectors in person, unfortunately I had to leave early since our checkout time at the hotel was 1pm and I was running late.

Thanks again for the warm welcome and hope to chat with you guys again when I come back to SG. See you around!


  1. That is a nice place to go Jovet. My sister is staying there for good but I did not have a time yet to visit her.(maybe next year)

    Seeing friends with same interest is really nice....

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful time at Singapore....

  2. nice place to meet others collectors! i'll mark this place on my diary so i'll know where to go in SG.

    great pictures too!

  3. Hi Jovet! Thanks for posting. Please let me know again next time so that we can really meet up for a chat. By the way, my name is Julian Edison (in short, Jedison but my friends call me Julian). Let me promote my blog here too. www.gogotomica.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks for viewing guys! I really enjoyed our trip to SG, I MISS THE FOOD! =P