Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tomica Limited Vintage - Diorama

It's another lazy Saturday here in Manila and after having lunch, I pushed myself to shoot a few new pieces from my Tomica Limited Vintage NEO collection.

LV-N09e ISUZU BU04 type BUS

LV-N26a Mazda Luce Legato - Patrol Car

More shots...

Sorry for the poor shots....I'm kinda feeling lazy today and I just want to go back to bed. Haha!

Thanks for viewing.


  1. At this moment you really need to take a rest and relax so on Monday you are in the right mood to choose the new leader for our country....God Bless...

    BTW, Nice shots....

  2. Thanks for dropping by bro. I have already chosen my president since last year...Jovet's Garage is Yellow! =)

  3. nice dio sir jovet, the bus looks real one, haha, esp on the first photo, thanks for sharing

  4. nice dio!
    the bus looks pretty good,

  5. I agree with danielh, the bus is extremely nice!