Sunday, April 11, 2010

Playing on the 21st

It was another holiday for us last Friday(April 09, 2010) here in Manila and I found time to play around at my family's condo unit on the 21st floor of The Manansala Rockwell. 

My photo-booth wasn't around so I experimented on natural lighting without filters or diffusers. Again, let me know your thoughts or suggestions for a better shoot. 

Btw, I'm only using a regular point and shoot Sony Digicam.   =)

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Patrol Car and Honda Civic Type R by Tomica  


  1. nice photo op, i like the 3rd and 7th photos

  2. Thanks Jon, that's my favorite shot too. =)

    Hey Bri, that's the Toy's Dream Project Civic. =)

  3. nice pictures! looks like real, with sun light and high noon shadows.. really impressed!

    that red civic type R is really cool!

  4. Nice pictures! and nice casts too! what kind of camera are u using? dslr?