Friday, October 9, 2009

What did I open today?

I had lunch with my mom and uncle at Friday's last Wednesday, Oct. 07, 2009. After finishing my Chicken Fingers meal with lots of fries, I decided to walk around and drop-by the Toys "R" Us nearby. I checked out the HotWheels, Matchbox and Tomica toy pegs but found nothing new. I proceeded to the SIKU pegs and found this new 2009 release Toyota Land Cruiser....woooohooo!!!

So this Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser is finally out here in the Philippines, I've been waiting for this SIKU release since last August.

Here are some photos:

SIKU Toyota Land Cruiser V8

*Comparative photos with a Tomica Toyota Land Cruiser to follow...


  1. That casting of the new LC looks great Jovet! :-)Congrats!

    But when I read about those chicken fingers and fries, I wept for I can't eat those stuff anymore! huhu!

  2. Thanks Mike!

    How about grilled chicken? =)

  3. saan po naka bili niyan