Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tomica Limited Vintage - Diorama

Here's another 1/64 scale diorama setup using Tomica Limited Vintage models by Tomytec. This will show how accurate their proportions are with one another.

Enjoy the photos! =)


  1. That is what I like about TLVs, they all have the same scale.

    I love the TLV buses you have too.

  2. Nice accurate diorama! The settings, cars,figurines and shops all looks naturals, just like viewing 3D japanese animation movies!

    nice pictures too!

  3. Very nice diorama! Very clean set-up and nice pictures as usual! If only there were dioramas available for 1:18th scale locally...

  4. Thanks Brian, I Love them all! Haha!

    Thanks for the compliments Daniel.

    You're right Gene, we're all stuck with our 1/18 garage dioramas. =(

    Imagine having a 1/18 street dio? That would be cool!!!

  5. hi Jovet, Im Edwin from Indonesia, i just starting collect the TLV series. really like your diorama here, is that Tomytec? tx. really love your collection.