Friday, October 9, 2009

Toyota Land Cruiser - 200 Series

Here are a few comparative shots of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series by Siku (silver) and Tomica (white).

You will notice that the Siku's scale is larger than the Tomica's 1/65 scale. Maybe the Siku is around 1/50 scale.
The Siku has colored plastic headlights and rear lights while the Tomica's headlights are included with the front grille's cast and has painted rear lights. Siku has both side mirrors incorporated with the door casts and Tomica has none. Overall, both have acceptable body details with regards to the casting, Toyota logo and Land Cruiser markings but they would look better on different sets of rims.

Thanks for viewing and please feel free to post your comments with regards to their comparison.


  1. I thought Siku is only casting heavy equipment vehicles....

    Love the Cruiser from Siku love the grey color....

  2. Nice review Jovet!

    I have both of these also... I think I'm going to have to start freeing my Siku from their packages. LOL

  3. Two manufactures on the same Land Cruiser. By comparison, although i've been fan of tomica's make, i would prefer this SIKU. It's slightly bigger but almost complete in details of every department.
    nice pictures too Jovet!

  4. ummmmmmmm............. san makaka bili niyan?

  5. saan po nakakabili niyan, bumili kasi kami ng totoong land cruiser eh land cruiser 2013 kaka release lang kanina yung kotse namin eh kailangan ko po ng display :) san po na kakabili? kung meron po kau bilin ko :)) tnx po saan po na kakabili??