Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Ultimate Fire Stopper

Got this TLV-N Hino Fire Engine with the help of Alex/Tomylord. When he handed this to me at our last DCPH Swap Meet, I was very surprised with it's huge box. This maybe is the largest TLV box I've ever seen.

I don't collect Tomica fire engines except for the Tomica Limited since I'm trying to complete the line. Got a few Tomica Limited Vintage fire engines as well but not all, I only try to collect 1 variant of each release.

I tried to research on specs and history of this Hino TC343 Fire Engine but there was none. So enough with this and let the photos talk! Enjoy! =)

TLV-N24a Hino TC343 type Ladder Fire Engine


  1. nice fire engine and it was so detailed!! what's the scale?

    congrats jovet!

  2. that is awsome. i love those fire engines especially the older ones. perfect choice. i envy you.

  3. congrats Jovet, that is one magnificent tomy firetruck! i'm afraid to ask how much, my son is drooling here beside me! must have cost an arm and a leg huh? is it expensive than the TLV buses you have?

  4. Thanks guys!

    Daniel, All Tomica Limited Vintage models are in 1/64 scale. This is the reason why I collected them. All models are in proportion to one another. =)

    Modelarz, I don't collect fire engines but TLVs are must have because of their great details.

    You're right Mike! This is more expensive than the TLV buses. It is really worth it, superb details and with working parts. I'm happy with this model. =)

  5. nice Fire-stopper and the post was so much in detail and picture make it so beautifull