Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TLV-N13 Nissan Violet 1400 Deluxe

Before the Nissan Stanza, there was the Nissan Violet, a sister car to the Nissan Sunny, which sold outside Japan under Nissan's Datsun marque as the Datsun 140J/160J — except in the United States where it was the Datsun 710. This model was built as a 2-door saloon, 2-door coupé, 4-door fastback, 4-door notchback, estate, and van. The Violet was placed above the Nissan Sunny but just slightly below the Nissan Bluebird. Introducing the Violet allowed Nissan to moderately increase the dimensions of the older Nissan Bluebird.

*taken from Wikipedia

TLV-N13a Nissan Violet 1400 Deluxe


  1. nice find!! and this was my first car i've ever owned. It's known as Datsun 160J SSS (super sport saloon)over here and it's quite heavy but very stable ride at high speed on highway.

    nice pictures and thanks for sharing!!

  2. Wow, this model never reached the Philippines as far as I know. Do you have good memories in this car? =)

  3. yes, a very nice ride indeed! but since its old carburattor engine, it's consume a lot of petrol..hehe!
    But i really missed this old car!

  4. Very cool.
    I just purchased a Tomica Datsun 1400 DeLuxe as the box reads. The Nissan 140J is the equivalent to the Datsun 710 in the US. The difference between the US 710 and the worldwide 140J is the engine, which was the L14 in case of the 140J, and the L18 and subsequently L20B in the 710 ( US market.)
    Both the US market 710 and the worlwide 140J had rear leaf spring suspension.
    The rest of the world ( rest except US ) saw the 160J and the 160JSSS. The 160J was the same car, but with a IRS suspension ( independent rear suspension.) The 160J SSS had, as extra amenities ( SSS designation ) sports carburetion dual set up, and other accesories that set it apart from the basic 160J. Both 160J and 160JSSS had IRS. The US market 710 and the worlwide market 140J had rear leaf springs.
    I have a Datsun 710, a real one, and now I have a 4 door sedan Tomica.