Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Germans have reached Japan!

Here are a few of my 3" Siku (German Die-cast Car Brand) cars in a Japanese street diorama setup (Tomica Tomy Town Playsets). Most of the car models in this setup are European in make.

Enjoy viewing the photos! =)

VW Karmann Ghia being delivered by Mercedes Benz Breakdown/Car Carrier Truck

Enzo Ferrari and Citroen 2CV6

BMW Mini Cooper

more to follow...


  1. Love the tow/service truck Jovet, really cool! :-)

  2. this tow truck really have working mechanism!
    i really enjoy the diorama, nice!!

  3. Thanks guys!

    More Sikus are coming in and pls watch out for the Siku Car Carrier Truck. =)

  4. so the carrier truck is from siku as well?
    i love it!!