Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What did I open today?

Most collectors encounter this problem with their collections specially with the carded, blistered packs and hard to find they open it or not? So some buy at least 3 pieces of the same kind - 1 for trade, 1 for opening and 1 to keep MoC (Mint on Card). I used to belong to their group but now I only buy 1 piece and prefer to set them loose but I also keep some items MoC for future opening, trade or simply for easier storage purposes.

In November 9, 2005, I started a thread at DCPH with the topic of - What did you open today? It's almost 4 yrs now and it has 1506 replies and was viewed for 24881 times. As far as I know, it's one of the longest threads in our forum.

Now I'd like to start one here with my latest piece by Matchbox. It's nothing special and just a regular item but I really like the details and the working features of this truck.

Matchbox International Durastar 4400


  1. Hi jovet I am collector for about 7 years and this is the first time I heard about the “What did you open today?” I’m the type of collector who’s always removing the car from the original package and throwing the box straight away to the bin. It’s just about few months back when I decided to keep the box for future storage as I notice that when I keep my collections on open area it becomes dusty.

    Thanks for sharing jovet and like the photo specially those in front of the garage..........

  2. I used to open it right away and experience again the childhood excitement of holding a new toy car. Now of course i still do it a lot, sometimes I don't... I realised the actual hunt is what really excites me :-)
    Thanks Jovet, for bringing this up :-) we collectors do have a lot in common.

  3. That's the way to go Mervin, set them free! =)

    You're right Erwin, nothing beats the excitement of holding and rolling a new toy car! =)

  4. That truck in front of the garage, I must agree is a really awesome photo. And yes opening up a new car from the blister is a very different experience than keeping it in the blister. Its a feeling that is hard to describe.....

  5. Yeah, the difference are excitement holding and feeling the car rather than just looking into the blister.
    To me, i would rather set them free and watch the wheels moving, hehe...!
    by the way, this is nice and details truck, jovet!!