Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tomica Limited Vintage - Diorama

Here are more photos of my 1/64 scale TLV-14 Prince Clipper Truck and TLV-No9a Isuzu BU04 type Bus by Tomytec in a diorama setup. These photos will show the perfect 1/64 scale comparison of the bus and the medium sized truck.


  1. if ever i wasn't collecting 1:43 rally cars, those tlvs will surely be on my top list! congrats Jovet, loving those buses and utility trucks!

  2. Very nice diorama Jovet! Here, i can see the actual size of the truck and bus in comparison.
    Nice pictures!!

  3. Thanks Mike and Daniel, more TLVs are being prepared for a shoot this weekend. =)