Saturday, September 26, 2009

TLV-14 Prince Clipper Truck

Here's another Prince Clipper Truck for my TLV collection. I got this from a fellow member of DCPH from our last swap meet.

A recap of the history of the Prince Clipper Truck:
Prince Motor Company which started as Tachikawa Aircraft Company, makers of the famous Japanese Zero fighter planes, produced the Clipper trucks from 1958 until it's merger with Nissan in 1966.

It's considered as a cab-over or COE (Cab Over Engine) type truck which has a flat face with the cab of the truck sitting on the engine and front axle. This truck chassis configuration is currently common among European and Japanese truck manufacturers, because the laws governing overall vehicle lengths are strict and the body style allows longer trailers or a longer cargo area for the same overall length.

LV-14b Prince Clipper Truck


  1. interesting truck jovet! is this truck comes together with the oil drums? it looks perfect scales to me.

  2. Yes Daniel, the oil drums comes with the truck. The scale of TLVs are perfect! I'll post more photos for scale comparison. =)