Monday, August 24, 2009

HotWheels Tokens

Last year, I assisted Richwell Trading, Philippine distributor of HotWheels and Matchbox, in organizing a diecast car exhibit. It was a mall tour event that ran for more than a month. It was very tiring during the setup of each mall event but it was all worth it.

They gave out tokens of appreciation to all collectors who participated in the event. It was a regular HotWheels car mounted on a customized base. I got one too but since I concentrated on collecting Tomica last year, I wasn't updated anymore with the new HotWheels release. I can't identify and relate to the car token that I got.

"Bee Like"

So I decided to remove the "Bee Like" car and replace it with my own piece from what's left of my HotWheels collection.
I tried on 2 different castings, now I can't decide which one I like best. Haha!

2004 First Edition - VW Drag Truck

Osaka Convention - VW Drag Truck

2005 Treasure Hunt - VW Drag Bus

Feel free to suggest and comment which model fits best to the custom base.


  1. the osaka & treasure hunt veedubs are sooo flamingly nice!
    great stuff Jovet :-)

  2. nice and creative idea!!!!!!! That VW dragbus looks so tempting!

  3. Because of these pics, i decided to keep my Dragbuses.