Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cars in the Streets of Metro Manila

photo from my_soul_insurance2004

Have you ever seen or experienced the heavy traffic in Metro Manila? It takes around 1-2hrs of travel time from Quezon City to Makati City (approx 5 Miles or 8 Kilometers) during rush hours.

photo from Torin Boyd

You have to allot ample travel time whenever you're driving to work, catching a meeting, picking-up/dropping-off someone to the airport and school.

photo from my_soul_insurance2004

Arrogant and undisciplined public utility drivers contribute to the heavy traffic too. They just stop anywhere they want to for passengers. Worst of all, they race with one another to the bus and jeepney stops and sometimes cause accidents.

photo from my_soul_insurance2004

Being patient will help you a lot in navigating the streets of Metro Manila. All types of vehicles ply the streets - from ordinary family sedans, to large and small delivery trucks, to public utility transports, to sports and recreational vehicles and to exotic cars. Looking at them through the streets and appreciating them will help you maintain that cool head while driving.

Here are a few cars that can be seen on the streets of Metro Manila. Enjoy the traffic!

Nissan Sunny 1500 by Tomica Limited Vintage NEO 1/64

NISSAN BLUEBIRD 2.0 SSS ATTESA-X by Tomica Limited Vintage NEO 1/64

more to follow...


  1. like the way you set up the diorama of street scene. And noce pictures too!!!!!

  2. sorry, wrong spelling. Instead of nice pictures, i've key in 'noce', hehe.....!:-)

  3. passing by SLEX is like hell, good thing i dont pass there!

    great dio and cars Jovet, more to come!

  4. Good thing i never drive to work :) nice pics Arki!