Monday, March 7, 2011

Tomica Limited Collection

I found time yesterday to rearrange and check what's missing in my Tomica Limited collection. The Tomica Limited models have more details in paint and wheels compared to the Regular Tomica line.

I took a few group photos so I can easily identify which models are still missing. Hope to complete this set soon.

*looking for TL 0006 Honda S800M

*looking for TL 0066 ARTA NSX Autobacs Super GT 2005 Series, TL 0069 Honda NSX Test Car Autobacs GT 2004 Series

TL 0101-0120
*looking for TL 0117 Toyota Prius, TL 0119 Nissan Diesel Dump Truck

TL 0121-0124

If you have extras of the missing pieces, pls let me know. Maybe we can work-out a trade or something. Thanks!


  1. Amazing models! i can see the high detailed casting and beautifull rings! hopefully find the missing!

  2. WOW...congrats man!
    that is cool!

  3. I'll take the Toyota AE86 Trueno anytime! Hahaha! Nice collection Jovet. Very impressive.

    By the way, if you have an extra of the TL Trueno in red, let me know. Thanks bro! :)

  4. Nice collections Jovet! I'm also focusing on Tomica's. You can get your missing TLs at "It's All About Cars" located at 3rd floor Shopesville Plus in Greenhills just look for Martin. "It's all about Cars" is also in facebook. You can get your missing TLs there.


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  6. Amazing, just so friggin' amazing. Man this collection is just jaw-dropping.Hope you find the die-casts you're looking for Sir!