Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Preparing for an Exhibit - Tomica 40th Anniversary

We'll be celebrating Tomica's 40th Anniversary here in the Philippines this coming week-end. Our club DCPH will be helping out in this event by having some members exhibit their Tomica collections. I might join this exhibit if the 10 available display modules are not filled by Thursday.

While thinking about my possible exhibit theme, I felt the urge to shoot a few Tomica models last night. At first I thought about my new Tomica Limited Vintage models that recently arrived but when I was browsing my display cabinet, I saw this set hidden behind the new arrivals.
Enjoy the photos!

Tomica 5 Car Gift Set
with Motorized Isuzu Car Carrier

Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-ES

Toyota Celica 2800GT

Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2000 Turbo

Honda City

Nissan Caravan

Motorized Transporter

Group Shot

more photos here at
Jovet's Tomica Site.


  1. Hi Jovet,

    Wonderfull car , background & photo.

    Keep it up.


  2. it's my first time to see that yellow transporter. great japanese set jovet! ;)