Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From the land of the rising sun....

I received a postal notice that a package has arrived last Monday morning. I wasn't able to go to our local post office that day due to a very busy Monday. Finally, I was able to drop-by yesterday after lunch.
It's my package from Japan! I was very excited to open the box so I went home early. Haha!

Here are the contents of the box:

TL#0120 Mitsubishi Lancer EX2000 Turbo and Assorted TLV/TLV-N Models
*I pre-ordered the Lancers since January, finally they're here!

40th Anniversary Vol. 1 - Complete Set of 6 Models

40th Anniversary #40 Fairlady Z - Japan Box Release
*Now I have the box variations, woohoo!

Watch out for a more detailed shoot of the cars. Thanks for viewing!


  1. Nice cool cars you got there Jovet! I haven't been buying new release Tomicas but I will try to get my hands on that EX Turbo.

  2. That's an excellent haul Jovet. Congrats!

  3. nice haul jovet!
    i've yet to get that lancer EX200 turbo. it's very nice casting.