Friday, April 2, 2010

Experimental Shots at the 21st

After a very busy and very short (3-day) work week, due to our observance of the Holy Week, I found time to open and shoot my Tomica Limited GT-R vs Z set this morning. All cars are in Patrol Car livery and all have great details.

Since it's a holiday and I was at our 21st floor condo unit at Rockwell Center, I decided to do an experimental shoot using natural light with the Nestle and Phinma buildings as background. It was hard since I needed to check on different shooting angles to achieve realism.

I was only 75% happy with the outcome of the photos since the buildings were blurred but had a great time shooting them. Let me know your thoughts on this shoot.

Tomica Limited GT-R vs Z

Skyline GT-R R33

Fairlady Z S130

Skyline GT-R R32

Fairlady Z Z31


  1. looks ok Jovet, its too bright outside, if you want to get details of the building in the back, you have to lower the exposure, but your subject would be more darker. How about rtying some night shots there? it would look great if theres plenty of lights on the background building. :-)

  2. Cool! love the cars too

  3. Thanks for the tip Mike, I'll try it next week.

    Thanks for droppingby too Jon.


  4. Nice photos Jovet! A nice way to spend time off.