Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nissan GT-R vs Nissan Z

Nismo, the motorsport arm of Nissan, entered the Nissan GT-R in the Super GT race series in the GT500 class for the 2008 season, replacing the Nissan 350Z.

Unlike the production car, the GT500 version has a completely different drivetrain. The race car has a 4.5 litre naturally-aspirated V8 with 6 speed sequential manual gearbox and a RWD layout from its predecessor, the 350Z race car.

Here are some of my Super GT Race Cars by Nissan:

Calsonic GT-R vs 350Z

more GT-R vs 350Z photos soon...


  1. wow!! you have these two same calsonic liveries and colours on 350Z and GTR!

    nice photo!!

  2. Thanks again Daniel, I have more GT-R vs Z photos coming soon. =)

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