Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fiat 131 Abarth Rally

It was late last year, maybe around late November or early December, when my friend Alex/Tomylord asked me if I already have a Fiat Abarth in my Tomica collection. I said none and I have never seen one before. So he reached into his bag and showed me 2 variations, 1 had rally livery (I can't remember the racing decals) and 1 plain body version. He said that they were both extras from his collection and offered them to me for a friendly price. Hmmmmmm...

I chose the plain body version since it's my favorite color, BLUE. Another friend during our get together got the other. Enjoy the photos! =)

About the Car

The Fiat 131 Abarth was a very successful rally car, winning the World Rally Championship three times: in 1977, 1978, and in 1980 with Markku Alen, Timo Salonen and Walter Röhrl at the wheel. The official "works" cars were sponsored by Italian airline Alitalia and bore their distinctive red, white and green livery.

In 1976, 500 examples of Fiat 131 Abarth Rallye were built for homologation purposes. This car included many technical modifications such as 16-valve DOHC engine producing 140 PS (100 kW; 140 hp), Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection and independent rear suspension. In race specifications, the engine produced around 215 PS (158 kW; 212 hp) in season 1977.

The 131 got a minor facelift in 1978. New DOHC, or "Twin Cam" (TC) engines arrived, and these models were badged as SuperMirafiori. Biggest change exterior wise was larger rectangular shaped front lights, new bumpers, new bigger rear lights and new interior trim. In 1978, the 2-door sporting version Racing (Mirafiori Sport in the UK) with 115 PS (85 kW; 113 hp) DOHC engine, was launched. This car had four round headlights (the inner headlights being smaller than the outer ones, unlike any other Mirafiori model produced), different grille, spoilers and extended wheel arches, and a short-throw 5 speed gearbox. The Racing had top speed of 180 km/h (110 mph).

*taken from wikipedia

Tomica Fiat Abarth Rally


  1. nice! i have a yelow Mr. Craft version with wide wheels

  2. Hmmm... It is much more detailed then the Matchbox version, only the tiny, thin wheels looks a bit funny to me. Otherwise it is great.

  3. nice rally abarth you got there Jovet, isn't the other one an Alitalia team abarth? Congrats!

  4. I love this car! Please check my blog:

  5. Thanks guys for dropping by and for the comments.

    I also would prefer it with Tomica's wide wheels. It's a rally car so why put those thin/regular wheels?! Hello!? Haha!

    Maybe you're right Mike. I really can't remember.

  6. cool one! I have the 'Total' version

  7. wow! nice fiat 131 Abarth and it's from tomica!
    thats a very nice casting.

  8. Congratulations for the beautiful model!
    I love this model! I would like to have the two variations! If you know of any available please let me know!

  9. Jovet, would you please check the box? On the rally version of the same car, there is a funny typo on the box. Check my friend's site for clue! ;-)