Sunday, January 24, 2010

Relocating the Batcave

Got 2 units of second hand glass display cabinets from Noel/Justice of DCPH last year. He was one of the victims of Typhoon Ondoy that flooded Metro Manila. More than half of the height of these cabinets were submerged in muddy water. When Noel decided to transfer to another house, he sold these 2 cabinets since it would be hard for him to transport them. I got them since November 2009 but I only had time to set them up yesterday (January 23, 2010).

2 units 2nd hand glass cabinets with aluminum frames at the left...

It was very hard to decide which theme in my collection will be displayed. I finally decided on relocating my Batcave (Assorted Batman Collection) into one of the four areas.

Here are photos during and after the set up:

checking and adjusting the levels of the shelves using a Mopari Acrylic Display unit and 12" Batman Statues...

after 2 hrs of experimenting display layouts, cleaning and wiping dusts off the pieces, I'M DONE!!!

It was very tiring but I was very happy with the outcome.

By the way, This is just 1 area out of the 4 vacant display areas. Another area will also contain more batman pieces, I still have more Batman action figures, statues and Batmobiles waiting to be opened and relocated from the old display cabinet.

Hope I can find the time again next week.
Thanks for viewing! =)


  1. great stuff Jovet! great batmobile and bat fig collection you have there, but it looks like you will need another display cab from the look of things hehe! more to come i hope!

  2. Whoa! great batman collection jovet...
    I'm a fan of Batman as well but I don't have this kind of collection....
    I only have two batman fig the first one is from a jolly kiddie meal with a burger (hehehe)8 yrs back....

  3. Thanks for dropping by guys!

    Yes Mike, I think I need more cabinet space for my Batman collection.

  4. great batman display!!! we name it, u got it! small scales and large scales batman diecast models, figures of all, this is massive display!!

    nice and i do really enjoy watching your collection. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the great comment Daniel. I'll try to setup another area of the display cabinet this week. =)

  6. wow... that's a real bat museum u got there bro.. hope to se more of them coming...

  7. Jovet, you going to love this:

    This is an illegal knock of the ERTL's official Batmobile by a little Hungarian manufacturer.

  8. Wow! Very nice collection you got there! I am in awe. I wish I can display mine when I move to my own place. Those are AWESOME!

  9. Really nice Jovet!!! I just love your Batcave!!!

  10. I hope this collection is still ongoing and updated up to the newest batmobiles of 2013.. Nice collection sir! I am also collecting batmobiles 1:64 but had just started last december and almost complete with the singles.. I have a hard time looking for the 2 packs.. I hope you update us with your batmobiles.. :D