Thursday, January 14, 2010

1976 Toyota Corolla Levin SR

The 3rd Gen 1976 Toyota Corolla SR is my favorite among all the Corollas. It was the first car that was handed down to me by my father. I was in my 1st yr at the College of Architecture and Fine Arts, University of Santo Tomas (1990). I mastered all my driving skills with that car - parallel parking, backing-up and hanging on the inclined narrow streets of Manila.

I really had lots of fun with that car. I remember going out and going home late from a classmate's house and of course a few dates with girlfriends. Hehehe...

Now, all I have are fun and happy memories of that car. I miss it now. Good thing it was produced by Tomica. So the saying goes -"If you can't have one in your garage, why not have one on your display shelf!"

Toyota Corolla Levin SR

Takashimaya Levin Set

Tomica Limited 0085

Aeon 2006


  1. it's nice to know that you have this car in your collection now. It brings back the memories of the yesteryear!

    thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Daniel, I'm hoping to get more variations of this Corolla. =)

  3. When I was a kid this is the first 2 door car that i really admire, until now I still see a lot of SR running at Aguinaldo Hi-way in Cavite.

    Great catch jovet...

  4. Cool one Jovet!
    I still have that silver, from my childhood. Heavy play-wormed but much loved

  5. Mervin, this is the reason why I concentrated on Tomica, real cars that brings back good memories. =)

    Thanks Erwin, it's really a keeper!

  6. i am in desperate search for this car....its my 1:1 car, and i desperately want one... any tips where i can get one or doubles you have? :D :D

  7. Thanks for dropping by Hanzel. I'm sorry I don't have an extra. I'll let you know if I see one. Try searching at eBay. Good luck! =)

  8. Thanks to your site... I finally found castings of my dad's 1:1 rally cars (Corolla SR). I barely remember riding on them, afterall I was only about 3-5 yrs old. But we have tons of pics of his racers that one day I would like to try to replicate in any small scale. For now, I'm just glad to know there are models of old SRs out there. Maraming Salamat! (So ngayon alam mo na kung bakit ako biglang nagTomica... hahaha! Konti lang bro...)

  9. These are looking old Toyota model. But I think these are popular before 3 decade.
    Great collection by you.