Friday, December 4, 2009

Two Bats!

While walking around the DCPH Pre-Xmas swap meet last Sunday, I was surprised to see these two 3-4" Batman statues on my friend Erick/Decker's table. I looked at the base and it says Corgi DC Comics. I never knew that Corgi produced Batman statues? Anyway, I asked around for info about this, all I got was that these statues came from a Batman Box Set by Corgi. Erick told me that he had three different Batman statues but the third one was sold out....too bad for me.

When I got home that night with the two Batman statues, I did a little research and found the actual photos of the Corgi Box Sets at Bat-Blog.

*photo from Bat-Blog

Here are the two Batman Statues from the swap meet:

*Assorted Batmobiles in my photos are by Corgi but not the ones from the 2008 Box Sets.

Hope to get the third missing Batman Statue from the series soon.

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