Saturday, November 28, 2009

TLV-75 Nissan 3.5T Truck Wrecker

I can't find anything about this Nissan Wrecker in the net so I'll just post photos of this truck. Please feel free to post your comments or any info regarding the history of this truck.

Thanks and enjoy the photos. =)

LV-75 Nissan 3.5T Truck Wrecker

Detailed side view mirrors are included in the box, I'll install them once I have a permanent display case for my Tomica Limited Vintage dioramas.


  1. this is truly fantastic!! it will look great in any diorama makes me want to comeback for some tlvs hehehe!

  2. Haha! Checkout my new post, it's the centerpiece of a diorama scene. It will make you wanna go back to TLVs. =)

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