Friday, November 20, 2009

2003 Dream Halloween Batmobile

CAAF or Children Affected by AIDS Foundation helps the kids meet their needs, advocate and educate people in their behalf and most importantly bring JOY and FUN into their lives. CAAF created the Dream Halloween event to gather funds and raise awareness about children with HIV and AIDS.

In 2003, Mattel released a limited edition HotWheels Batmobile. This Batmobile was only available to CAAF guests during its Dream Halloween event.

Obviously, I was not able to attend the event but I was lucky to get the Batmobile with the help of a friend in the USA. It is now very hard to find and considered as a very rare item for Batmobile collectors around the world.

Here are more photos of the Michael Keaton Batman Movie inspired Batmobile:

In 2008, Mattel released another Dream Halloween Batmobile using the classic George Barris designed Batmobile. I'm hoping to get one soon.

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