Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TLV-32 Nissan Cedric - Patrol Car

The Nissan Cedric is a large automobile produced by Nissan since 1960. It was developed to provide upscale transportation, competing with the Prince Skyline and Gloria which were later merged into the Nissan family. In later years, the Nissan Skyline was repositioned as a sports sedan/coupe, whereas the Nissan Gloria was turned into a sporty version of the Cedric (with identical styling but using a different radiator grille and front & rear light clusters).

In Japan, the Cedric/Gloria series was affectionately called Cedglo, and this long running series finally came to an end in October 2004, replaced by the Nissan Fuga. The Cedric name is still in use though, on the Y31 fleet vehicle, updated in 2005 and still in production. Throughout the many versions of the Cedric, it was always considered to be the prime competitor to the Toyota Crown.
*taken from wikipedia

LV32a Nissan Cedric - Patrol Car


  1. Classic cedric patrol car! and some historic facts on it.
    Nice photo and diorama Jovet!

  2. I follow your blog for a long time and must tell you that.
    You have great work in your page.
    keep it up

  3. Thanks Daniel! The details of this patrol car by Tomytec is irresistible.

    Thanks very much John. Do you also collect diecast cars? Show me your collection. =)