Thursday, September 24, 2009

What did I get at our local swap meet?

The DCPH Swap Meet last Sunday started at around 10am. I woke up late and arrived at the event before 12nn. I can see lots of old and familiar faces of DCPH members present but there were also a lot of new faces too.

Tons of multi-scaled and branded diecast cars were going up for sale and trade. Cash, yes lots of cash were going around too. lol!

I only got a few items during my 2 hour stay at the meet but they were all worth it. Sad to say, I wasn't able to checkout all the items for sale, I had to leave early to watch a live UAAP Final 4 basketball game at the Araneta Coliseum.

Anyway, I still enjoyed my short swap meet and I still got great items. I'll be looking forward to the next meet on October. Oh, did I mention that my team, The Ateneo Blue Eagles, won their game and now they're on their way to the finals!

Here are some of my swap meet hauls.

Tomica - Isuzu ELF Bottle Truck

Tomica - Bow Series Toyota 2000GT

Bankee Trading and DCPH Token of Appreciation

Tomica Special Model No. 05 Toyota Levin

I received this Token of Appreciation from Bankee Trading (Philippine distributor of Tomica) and DCPH for joining the Motor Madness Exhibit. Click here to view my exhibit.

Thanks Bankee and DCPH for the token and for another successful swap meet! =)


  1. You're lucky to have this special edition levin model! and fantastic exhibition too!! speechless!

  2. Nice swap meet jovet, hope one of this day I can be part of this type of event.... How to be a member of DCPH???

  3. Thanks daniel! Once in a while we get invited to exhibit our collections by our local Tomica and HotWheels distributors to help them in their marketing campaign. It works both ways too, it helps promote our club, DCPH, for free. =)

  4. Hi Mervin! Yes, let us know when you have plans of visiting us here in the Philippines so we can arrange a collectors house tour. You can join us at

  5. This is fine as well as interesting to see some awesome Toyota photos.