Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An unexpected find....

We celebrated our National Heroes Day yesterday, so we had a long weekend. We found the time to relax and go to the mall yesterday to watch a movie. We had an hour to spend before the movie starts so I decided to browse around the nearest toy store. After looking around the shelves of Tomica, HotWheels and Matchbox, I was quite disappointed. There was nothing new or interesting to buy. As i walked towards the exit, I passed by the unbranded/generic/cheap toys aisle and was so surprised by these....

Toyota Land Cruisers? YES!!! They were Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40s but they have extended body. It's my first time to see this extended body and casting. I found 2 color variations but the sales guy said that there were 3. Anyway, I payed for them and headed to the cinemas.

Toyota Land Cruiser by Mini Metals 1/64

The movie wasn't that good but the nachos with everything on top was great! Oh, maybe I was just too excited to get home and open my unexpected find? =)

Btw, I can't seem to find anything about this extended FJ40, if you have info about this please share. Thanks!


  1. Jovet, these are great finds!
    i once owned a Toyota Mini Cruiser made an extrended body much like this.... i sold it to my in-laws years back :-)
    I'd be looking out for these :-) which mall were they displayed anyway?

  2. erwin, do you still have photos of your extended cruiser? Photos pls!

    I got them at Kidz Station, Shangri-la Mall.

  3. Appreciate the lead Jovet!
    Sure I'll send you pics. I have to scan them though...they were captured during the film camera days :-)

    Btw, do post your email for sending.

  4. WOW! These are very neat! Nice to see something other then the usual FJ40 castings!

  5. Yeah, I was really surprised to see them in an extended body casting. I'm still searching for the white color variation.

  6. Cool collection Jovet! Impressive finds, especially of these rare models. Now I feel so bad that I did not take care of the collection I had when I was a kid, both Tomicas and Made-in-England Matchboxes.
    -Jason J.

  7. Thanks Jason! Me too, I lost them all even my Voltes V diecast robot. =(

    Now I'm planning to get them all back! lol!