Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Toyota Celica - Tomica 30th Anniversary Gift Set

Here are 4 models of the Toyota Celica from a Tomica 30th Anniversary Gift Set which I got in Hong Kong last May 2008. I found it inside a small and crowded toy store along the "Toy Street" of Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

From what you can see in the actual photo above, the box was not in MINT condition. Dust and dents on the box was due to shelf ware. The white plastic case inside the box was also yellowish in color but the seal of the box was intact. Nevertheless, I still bought it due to the very encouraging low price tag compared to the other stores around "Toy Street". It was a bargain!

Enjoy the photos! =)

Toyota Celica LB 2000GT

Toyota Celica XX 2800GT

Toyota Celica 2000GT-R

Toyota Celica - 7th Gen T230 Series


  1. Hi!
    I'm a great fan of tiny diecasts, and Tomica as well. This set is awesome! Congrats for the post, and feel free to chack my collection at Actually it's in Hungarian, but you can browse the pictures if you want. Have a nice day!

  2. Nice Toyota's haul Jovet!
    All the four celica's generation you have here, congrats!!

  3. Thanks for dropping by Rajen. I'll defintely visit your site too. =)

    Thanks Brian.

    Thanks Daniel, I was lucky to get that set in HK. =)

  4. Wow! that was so cute for sure my nephew will love this I will give him as a guft for his birthday. Keep posting guys!