Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tomica Limited Vintage - Diorama

I collect Tomica Limited Vintage and Neo models because of their superb details and consistency in scale. Full realism of the vehicle can be seen by the high quality and workmanship of the headlights, tail lights, body paint and rims. All models in the line were released in 1/64 scale, unlike in the regular Tomica line, scales differ from one another.

Here are more photos of them in a diorama setup to showcase their details and proportion.

TLV-76 Subaru 1000 and
TLV-N09c Isuzu BUO4 type Bus

TLV-51 Mazda T2000 and TLV-35 Prince Clipper Refuse Truck


  1. great new TLVs Jovet, they are my favorites including that bus! :-)

  2. Thanks Mike, I'm so addicted with TLVs right now! =)

  3. Jovet, Terrific photos as always! I agree with you about the TLV. I'm slowly changing my collecting habits from 43rd scale to smaller scale, especially TLV (and I'm even getting non-Toyotas!)