Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another unexpected find...

Last Monday Sept. 14, I dropped by a mall to kill time. I was too early for a meeting and it was time for an afternoon snack. It's "merienda time" in Filipino. I had pasta and buffalo wings for "merienda" but I was still too early for my meeting so I decided to visit a Japanese thrift shop inside the mall.

This Japanese shop is known for its low priced items. Sometimes, Japanese branded diecast cars and action figures can be found there but in limited quantity. As I was looking around the display racks beside the cashier, I was surprised to find 2 boxes with a familiar brand.....Targa!!! I searched around for more and even asked the sales clerk if they had more, all she said that they were all out. Well, at least I got 2pcs.

Targa GT-R Collection The Engine 2 Series 1/64 are available in 3 models:

  1. 2000 GT-B
  2. R33 GT-R
  3. R-34 GT-R
Here are the ones that I got - a silver 2000 GT-B and a purple R34 GT-R:

The details and casting seems accurate. Body paint looks great and they are in rubber tires with realistic rims. The body shells are sealed except for the opening engine hood to reveal the small but detailed engine. These are my 1st Targas and I can say that I'm very satisfied with the scale and workmanship of these models.

Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-B

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

Group Shot

There are 4 color variations for each model, the hunt is on for the others and for more unexpected finds! LOL!


  1. Excellent! Nice find!!
    Unexpected finds like these are what brings some excitement to our hobby! ;-P

  2. HOLY!!! your one lucky guy Jovet, congrats! :-)

  3. Kuya Jovet, saan shop yan? hehehe Ganyan din yung binebenta sa DCPH :D Congrats.

  4. Great finds indeed! Congrats Jovet, surely a great discovery :-)

  5. Mike - yes, the thrill of the hunt makes our hobby more fun! =)

    JDMike - got lucky again, hope to find the missing pieces soon. haha!

    Iggy - got them at Japan Home at Waltermart P.Tamo Makati.

    Erwin - thanks bro!