Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tomica - Toyota Corolla Collection - Through the Years

Here's my Toyota Corolla collection by Tomica. Most of them are from the Tomica Basic and Limited lines, I'm hoping that more models will come out in the Tomica Limited Vintage and NEO versions. They are arranged from the 1st Generation to the current. Please feel free to comment and correct me if I mixed them up.

1966 Corolla 1100

1970 Corolla 1200

1974 Corolla Sprinter

1976 Corolla Levin SR

1979 Corolla DX

1983 Corolla Liftback

1983 Corolla Le
vin AE86

1986 Corolla AE86 Sprinter Trueno

1987 Corolla SE

2006 Corolla Axio


  1. '68 Corolla 2-dr was my dad's first car. We had it until the mid-90s. 'Yun yung minaneho when I was in college at UST. :-) Nice blog Jovet!
    -Jason J.

  2. The '76 Corolla SR was my 1st hand-me-down car from my dad during my 1st yr in UST Architecture. Thanks for dropping by Jason! =)

    1. Nice car sir. That was the car i learned to drive in. Would you happen to have any more of the 76 corolla?

  3. still looking for that te37 die cast levin. i have a 1:1 corolla KE35 SR that is my daily driver. and i used that car during my UST-architecture days too. up to now its still my car.

  4. The Tomica Limited Levin SR was available locally at Uncle Johnny's Hobby Shop a few years ago. It's kinda hard to find now but you can try looking for one at DCPH swap meets or at the DCPH( online sale section. Good luck! =)

  5. Ow, I forgot to mention that the Levin SR was also my car during my 1st year in UST Architecture. It was around 1990-91. Thanks again for dropping by.

  6. come i don't see any corolla '91' around? i really wanted one coz i wanted to repaint it exactly as my dear friend's car. :C